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How We Beat The Heat

Thank you for being concerned about our horses health in the heat! We are too! One very important fact is that horses must have an ‘at rest’ temperature to remain working. The core temperature of the horse is much more important than how we as humans feel outdoors.

These horses have a unique ability to acclimate to their environment. They have a unique cooling system that involves the ability to shed excess hair, create their own shade(their major arteries are hidden underneath their body) and also sweat to cool themselves. Here are a few of the steps we take to make sure we are doing our best.

  • Supplements to promote healthy sweating; this is like Gatorade for horses.
  • Each horse is provided with as much fresh cool water as they want to drink during and after each tour. Don’t see our horses drinking? It’s okay we offer them enough throughout the day that they aren’t always thirsty. On Ellis Square the horses have just arrived from their water station so they have had their fill just before they got there.
  • Each horse has its temperature and respiration’s taken to monitor the vitals of the horse after tours. A horse that is working must remain at an at rest temperature. At half a degree above an at rest temperature they stop working.
  • The horses have regularly scheduled days off and work fewer shifts during the hottest time of the year.

The result of these preventative measures equals happy well cared for horses who love their job and become part of our family as we work and care for them everyday. To date there have been no heat related injuries involving carriage horses in Savannah. Experience, planning, love and diligent care have allowed thousands of people to enjoy a unique experience while protecting the horses that provide it.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call us at (912) 659-9005.