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Our Horses

Thanks for caring about our horses as much as we do! Our horses are well trained professionals that were bred for working. They take pride in the dignity of labor. They are also our pride and joy. Each horse is showered with love and affection daily. These horses are respectfully asked to work as our partners and are rewarded for their continued dedication with care and love. Our horses share a strong bond with our drivers many of which are on a waiting list to adopt their retired partners.

Most of the carriage horses employed in Savannah have resumes from logging to Amish farm work. They have a much more relaxed work schedule now. Many view this as a retirement job from their past work. They have scheduled days off, paid vacation, paid lodging, meal tickets, medical benefits, a dental plan, and even a 401 Hay. Not to mention a personal staff that tends to their daily needs and a shoe allowance that would make the average lady quite jealous.

Our carriage horses rotate through Savannah in order to give breaks to the herd. On slow days with no reservations they will be at the barn resting so remember to make a reservation to guarantee your ride. Horses typically will do 4-5 hours of work in an 8 hour shift and will work 4-5 shifts per week during our busy season. During slow seasons or inclement weather they work even less. This allows us to rotate horses out for vacation while continuing to give tours.